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If you hate shaving your legs like I do, then Your Little Nude Friend is for you. Simply rub Your Little Nude Friend on your leg in a circular motion and let the Nano Crystalline Technology work it’s magic for you. So easy!

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Do you hate shaving your legs like I do?Rub away your hair and worries with Your Little Nude Friend. It gently exfoliates your skin while removing unwanted hair in a modern and painless way.

Simply rub the flat surface on your leg in a circular motion, and the Nano-Crystalline technology makes the hairs clump and break away. This pain-free, exfoliating product also prevents ingrown hairs and it’s so easy to use, leaving your skin so soft and smooth.


  • We recommend using on complete dry skin or patted dry damp skin after a shower or bath. ( this is depending on your skin type, so we suggest testing on dry skin first )
  • Never use with running water as the water will get in between the crystals on the plate and cease it to work to its full functionality
  • Do NOT apply cream or lotion before using as it will stop it from working effectively.
  • Use light moderate pressure, and rub your Little Nude Friend on the desired area in small circular motions.
  • Always test patch as everyone’s skin types are different meaning different methods will vary per person including pressure. Some sections might need harder pressure whereas other sections need light pressure.
  • You can use your little nude friend completely flat on the surface if there is no excess skin or using 1/3 of the crystal base plate on your desired area on an angle for those sections with more skin. For example: Thighs or Stomach.
  • Do NOT rub the same spot over and over vigorously or this will become sensitive as it also exfoliates the skin.
  • Depending on your hair type it might remove quicker or slower always be patient as self care shouldn’t be rushed.
  • Rinse your Little Nude Friend with water after use and set to dry
  • Once dry place your Little Nude Friend back in the silk bag for storage.
  • Moisturise after use with a light lotion.


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