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These soap bars are good old fashioned laundry stain remover soap for washing, that doubles as a kitchen dish soap. They could also be grated up and used to make homemade washing detergent.  They are made with coconut oil, lye and water, with added essential oils for their grease cutting ability.

These soap bars are not for washing your hands or body with, as they contain no free oils after saponification. They will be very harsh for everyday use. They are made with a zero superfat, and are purely for laundry and kitchen use.

To use as a stain remover:  Wet stained area on clothing and rub on the stain remover soap to get a good coverage. Give it a good scrub.  I’ve found it easier to use if the bar is popped into a soap saver bag and scrub with that.  Fabulous on those oil spots that just won’t come out of your clothes.

To use to wash dishes:  You can pop in one of those soap cages and mix around when the sink is filling with water, if you have one.  Or, wet your dish brush and rub on the bar, then on your plates/pot etc.

This is a cold process soap that has been completely made by hand. This means that every batch and single bar will be unique. At the moment, the bars are wrapped in brown paper with a label attached.  Your parcel will arrive in paper and cardboard based packaging to protect your special purchase, and ensure it arrives in tip top condition.

Tip: Place your handmade soaps on a soap holder between uses, away from the water stream or splashes of the shower. This will allow them to dry out and helps them last longer. Get the most use our of your soap – soggy soap just melts away.

Postage: It is more economical when ordering to purchase more than one bar or product. Flat rate postage Australia wide includes anything you want to order (excludes wholesale orders).

Thank you for supporting my small business.

Additional information

Weight 135 g
Bar Style

Cube Bar, Rectangular Bar, Sample Bar

Essential Oils

Sweet Orange and Peppermint, Citrus Blend


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