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Beautiful soaps including Award Winning Goats Milk Soaps, Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
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Lovingly Handmade Soap

At Janelle’s Soaps and Succulents, based in Wellington, NSW, my beautiful soaps have been lovingly handmade, especially with you and your skin in mind.  Luxuriously large, long-lasting soaps that gently clean and condition your skin, leaving it looking and feeling amazing.

Soaps Your Skin Will Love

My soap bars are created using luxury plant based natural oils. The saponification process produces natural glycerin that draws moisture to your skin – no more dry, flaky skin. They really are that good!

Created for Sensitive Skin

My soaps have been created for every skin type.  My luxurious Natural Soap range is perfect for those with very sensitive skin.  

Unique Supporter’s Soaps

I have created a unique range of soaps in your favourite team colours.  Order custom labels for a local team or association and they make a perfect thank you gift.

Awaken Your Senses

If you love a bit of colour in your life, my colourful fragranced range of luxury soap bars are just for you.  These gorgeous handmade soap bars will awaken your senses with their beautiful fragrances and you’ll love their colours and designs.

Happy Customers

Thankyou Janelle for posting my MTC.
It was delivered healthy and in excellent condition.
Can’t wait for it to grow
Robyn 💗💗
Robyn Gilmour

I have used every anti dandruff under the sun for scalp itch, had to wash my hair every second day or the itch would drive me mad. I bought one of Janelle’s Lemon Myrtle hair bars and after regular use I’m now going four and five days before I wash it and that’s not because it’s itchy it’s because it needs a wash.

Julie-Anne Carr

These are amazing shampoo and conditioning bars. They literally last for months and there is absolutely no packaging waste. My hairdresser comments how thick and quick my hair grows which is amazing as I have had extensive chemo in 2018.  My only complaint is that they last so long that I don’t feel I am buying them often enough, so I hope this wonderful business has the following it deserves. 

Elizabeth Morris

I just got my order. I must admit I order and use the goats soap all the time it is amazing. I just discovered the shampoo and conditioner bars and you need to buy this product it is the best. Janelle is lovely her products are great and everything come wrapped so beautifully. Buy from JSAS you will buy again and again like me.
Roslyn Pretty

Love the soaps they are so amazing. Have done a few orders now and every time receive them within a week. Love way in which they are packaged. So grateful to be able to have a wonderful supplier of some fantastic soap products.  Love how soft and refreshing they leave my skin. Being from Wellington myself I just love being able to support such a fantastic business. Would highly recommend them to any one who loves scented soaps. 💕

*Amazing results                        *
Professional products
Jane Weber

Are you coming to Wellington NSW?

If you’re in the area and would like to pop in, please contact me. You’re welcome to come and browse.

Thank you for supporting my little Aussie handmade business!