Luxurious, beautiful handmade soaps

At Janelle's Soap & Succulents, based in Wellington, NSW, are lovely handmade with your and your skin in mind. Soft, natural soaps, that leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and moisturised.

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Whiteley Street Wellington NSW 2820


I’m Janelle. I’m the chief soap maker.


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Luxurious Soaps, Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Are you looking for soaps that won't leave your skin all dried out after use? Our soaps are full of luxurious skin loving ingredients designed especially with your skin in mind. They're great for sensitive skin, and we have an all natural range too.


Jan 31 , 2019

Handmade Soap – No Lye?

Hi everyone, Today, I just thought I’d touch on one of the questions…

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Mar 19 , 2018

In the Beginning…

Hi, I just thought I’d share how Janelle’s Soaps & Succulents began. It…

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